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Join us for an amazing weekend...

Focused on You and Your Health.

This is for anyone who is ready for health to be easier and want to be empowered in expression of health and sovereignty.

It's for; those wanting to feel confident in their ability to fully reclaim health, those wanting to use food as medicine, those wanting to break free of the system mindset that keeps you unhealthy, and those wanting to incorporate healthy lifestyle pieces.

If you feel there is a way to support yourself more fully in letting your health come from a holistic model, then join the True Health Team for a scrumptious weekend.

It's about being supported while you hear and are inspired to take your health to the next level.


  • 4 Full days in person in Denver, CO area

  • Your Health Specifics addressed.

  • Cleansing Foods provided

  • Yoga, dance, meditation and breath work.

  • Lodgings, plus to and from airport included.

And yes we will be doing 'the work' by Byron Katie. Do ALL this with other like minded individuals that are using a holistic model in their personal expression of health.

How It Started

I used to think that some aspects of lifestyle could make me healthy and some aspects of lifestyle could rob me of health and vitality. I went in serious circles trying to sort it all out and health seemed elusive and all about deprivation, searching, experimenting, frustration and failure.

The searching lasted for what seemed like a life time.

  • Confusion

  • Mountains of Information

  • Everything pieced up

  • Distracting catchy 'new and revised' fads

  • Trying to find my way without a map

  • Massive pushback and misunderstanding

It turns out there is so much more to it and yet mostly just an unlearning of all of the lifestyle encouragement that is controlling.

Teachings that influenced me and the team:

  • Nutrition, Herbology, Homeopathy, Rolfing, Massage, Yoga, Breathwork, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Psychology, ‘The Work’, Medical Medium, and Spiritual studies 

Sharing The Journey

It looks different than many of us think it will, healthy practices,  food as medicine with no side effects (until I did not need it anymore), support that is empowering, back to nature and purity, quality of life beyond anything I could buy.

So, sharing now from a much less complicated space where the truth of holistic health can be seen and experienced.

Our journey is not going to be your journey and yet we are all made of the same stuff, so, what is possible...

Your Journey, Your Way

Myself and the team now enjoy helping others reclaim their health and freedom.

We've reclaimed holistic health and freedom.

We continue to help others reclaim their health and freedom.

We have thriving practices and time to do the things we are called to do from this incredible place of energy and vitality even though the world does not evolve around food and systems.

How would you like your relationship with health to look for you

Your Turn

We want to help you do the same.

We want you to feel VITAL, CONNECTED, and FREEDOM in your life journey.

AND…how to to hear your own instructions while reclaiming freedom, avoiding the pitfalls and fads without results, and making the impact you were born to make.

We're ready to show up to help you do just that

The Path to Freedom

One step at a time.

Identifying all the pieces.

Join the conversation where all the pieces are covered.

Whether that is understanding how to live a holistic health lifestyle that serves you specifically.

Or identifying and collapsing the systems around health that keeps you in circles.

That’s what's special about this holistic health reset weekend.

We cover it all in a small group where your specifics are addressed.

And we are dedicated to transformation.

What's Included

In this weekend, things you'll learn and experience:

  • Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health Topics.

  • Get in touch and connect with your breath.

  • Gentle movement and body noticing.

  • Led MM meditations.

  • A mini juice cleanse for an afternoon.

  • Silence time for integration and greater understanding.

  • Addressing the Chronic Mindset with ‘the work’ in an organic way.

  • Some intuitive development. (So you can hear more clearly what your body is requesting.)

  • Social time so you can get to know likeminded individuals in a cozy setting.

  • Amazing MM friendly food. (Everyone will have an opportunity to be hands on when not in session.)

  • How to put it all together in a sustainable way.

  • All your health questions answered. (At least as many as possible, time allowing, and your questions will orient the conversation.)

  • Small group. (Total 8 participants, based on location we will be sharing rooms.)

  • Opportunity to participate in more advanced Retreats.


Let's face it, a holistic lifestyle takes effort, money and time. Just imagine getting some of each of those back to use on things you are passionate about and this reset is designed to help you do that as quickly as possible.  

You'll get and stay on track with;

  • Follow up in the comfort of your own home

  • Community of Like-Minded Individuals to be creative with

  • Resources within the True Health Detective Community

The weekend is designed to get you well on the way to a holistic lifestyle and/or to refresh and inspire you along your healing process journey.

We hope you choose to join us for an amazing weekend.

Dates for this holistic Reset are coming up soon Sept (Days TBD). (Plan to travel the day before and after these dates.)

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