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Join the Journey to...

Allowing Food to Compliment Your Life, Not Control It

This is for anyone who eats and wants to be empowered in using food to promote the expression of health and sovereignty.

It's for; those wanting to grow their own food, those wanting to use food as medicine, those wanting to break the addictive cycle of food, and those wanting to be in a natural relationship to food.

If you feel there is more to the cycle of food and desire clean high density food, then join in the conversation.

It's about turning your relationship to food into a beautiful dance.

You learn:

  • How to get starting in growing your own food.

  • How to recognize the ways fear plays into the food relationship.

  • How to eat for optimum life.

  • How to address emotional eating.

  • How to get free of kitchen jail.

  • How to listen to your own system about what food is right for you.

And do ALL this with other like minded individuals that are bringing food back to nature and natures principles.

How It Started

I used to think that some foods could make me healthy and some foods could rob me of health and vitality. I went in serious circles trying to sort it all out and health seemed elusive and all about deprivation, searching, experimenting, frustration and failure.

The searching lasted for what seemed like a life time.

  • Confusion

  • Mountains of Information

  • Everything pieced up

  • Catchy 'new and revised' fads

  • Trying to find my way without a map

  • Massive pushback and misunderstanding

It turns out there is so much more to it and yet mostly just an unlearning of all of the food fear that is controlling.

Teachings that influenced me:

  • Nutrition, Herbology, Homeopathy, Rolfing, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Psychology, ‘The Work’, Medical Medium, and Spiritual studies

Sharing My Journey

It looks different than I thought it would, food as medicine with no side effects (until I did not need it anymore), back to nature and purity, quality beyond anything I could buy.

So, I share now from a much less complicated space where the truth of food can be seen and experienced.

My journey is not going to be your journey and yet we are all made of the same stuff, what is possible...

Your Journey, Your Way

I now enjoy helping others reclaim their health and freedom.

I've reclaimed my health and freedom.

I continue to help others reclaim their health and freedom.

I have thriving gardens and time to do the things I am called to do from this incredible place of energy and vitality even though my world does not evolve around food.

How would you like your relationship with food to look for you?

Your Turn

I want to help you do the same.

I want you to feel VITAL, CONNECTED, and FREEDOM in your journey with food.

AND…how to to hear your own instructions while reclaiming freedom, avoiding the pitfalls and fads without results, and making the impact you were born to make.

I'm ready to show up to help you do just that.

The Path to Freedom

One step at a time.

Identifying all the pieces.

Join the conversation where all the pieces are covered.

Whether that is understanding how to grow food that serves you specifically.

Or identifying and collapsing the system around food that keeps you in circles.

That’s what's special about this online program.

We cover it all in a small group where your specifics are addressed.

What's Included

In this program, you'll learn:

  • Basic food growing practices

  • SIMPLE guidance in sustainability

  • How to recognize where the control comes from and how to opt out

  • Why you use food in unsupportive ways, and how to change that

  • How to Use Your INTUITION to Guide Your Knowledge and Action

  • And what is possible using food in the way that promotes freedom


Let's face it, food is an everyday subject and takes so much effort, money and time. Just imagine getting some of each of those back to use on things you are passionate about.  

You'll get and stay on track with;

  • Members Area for Lessons, Modules and other Resources

  • Group support with lots of time to get specific

  • Online Community of Like-Minded Individuals to be creative with

  • Weekly Group Support Calls directly with Judy

  • Ongoing support

It’s designed for anyone recognizing there is more to food than meets the eye.

You may choose to join us for awhile or for many seasons.

This space is offered via donation. Only you know how much support you will request and the value you will receive, top-ups can happen along the way. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to discover how free you can be.

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