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Find Relief Through Holistic Healing

It is as simple as we make it and the profound is often found in the simple.

Are you willing to expand in your awareness of being? Do you look to be part of a stimulating conversation to bring greater peace and ease through questioning? Although this may not be a direct path, the process of 'the work' is what can be used to bring greater awareness and space.

This program is not physically or food oriented, unless you are coming at it from the point of questioning your beliefs and rules around food and health.

We will be asking questions, the kind of questions that shake things up sometimes. The kind of questions that may be uncomfortable in their honesty. That also may be freeing and bring more amazing to your life.

I have been working through beliefs for many years consciously, questioning, and recognizing the power of this practice in silence. It has been shared that guidance has been received from the sharing I have done. Let me be very clear that my work is to allow you to hear your truth from within and that I can be no more than a reflection and a catalyst for you. 

The more I let go of, the more truth is revealed.

*Access to 'the work' membership area.

*7 Modules to support your proficiency in using this process of inquiry.

*Access to bi-weekly calls

*Ability to listen to past calls through recorded replays.

Discovery in a lovingly holistic way, that will not always feel safe can be expected. When you are challenged, you are strongly encouraged to keep questioning and bring the conversation back to this space. Let’s unravel it together.

The world these days takes courage and awareness to navigate so if you are drawn to this practice, trust and be gentle, allowing the answers to come to you. You are so much more than you can even imagine and the answers live within you.

Only you can know your path and what it looks like. This offering will be ongoing and I encourage you to come and go as you please and to stay as long as you are guided.

Being called to this work, there is the trust that what this will look like will continue to be revealed as things evolve. A bit like an adventure that has not been planned out and yet is fully guided.

Either way, may you recognize yourself as a sovereign being and all that means.

Donations when, if, and how it makes it right for you in valuing your journey.



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